Lloyd’s List is the leading news, analysis and data source for the global shipping industry, When Lloyd’s List started back in 1734 it offered customers access to the news and information that was vital to their business. That aim has not changed, but the technology has.

On 20 December 2013 the world’s longest-published newspaper became a totally digital service. This landmark move follows many months of research and preparation and is – first and foremost – designed to ensure that we continue to evolve with customer demand. The history and tradition of Lloyd’s List is to provide news and market intelligence for the shipping industry.


The value of our news lies in our commitment to verify, analyse and double check sources. When our subscribers read something in Lloyd’s List, they can trust it is credible, transparent and true.


Lloyd’s List Intelligence offers our journalists an unrivalled access to the raw data that others simply cannot match. Our analysis is based on the most accurate account of global seaborne trade in the business.


Our journalists are able to move beyond reactive news gathering to credible, actionable analysis of the market implications of any event.

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